Popped in to Tesco to pick up a few items yesterday and was faced with something new: Scan as you Shop

You scan your Clubcard, it logs you in and releases a hand held scanner for you to use. You then scan each item as you pick it up around the store, once you’re done you head to a set of specific self-serve tills and scan the barcode on the till, you confirm that you’re finished shopping and your list of scanned items is transferred to the till for payment.

It was pointless for our 5 items but could save time for bigger shops and having an accurate running total (including discounts) is good for those on a budget. Plus you need to carry a big scanner and it wasn’t perfect – the poor lady next to us had to re-scan all of her shopping at the check out.

One thing that I kept thinking though: couldn’t this have been a smart phone app? Do I really need this massive scanner?

Imagine: Logging into the Tesco app on your phone, using your phone to scan items and bagging up as you walk. Or maybe using NFC, you tap your device against items to add them to your list.

Your phone could recommend one of your favourite items that can be found in the aisle you’re walking down thanks to Bluetooth 4.0/iBeacons and past purchases.

When you’re done you don’t need to find a checkout because you can pay on your phone, securely authorised with your fingerprint.

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