Like many, I was confused as to why Apple might be spending $3.2billion on acquiring Beats. But after listening to Walt Mossberg’s interview with Jimmy Iovine, I’m starting to get it.

Emotion in & from music

Iovine comes across as being passionate about how music sounds to consumers and the artist. Iovine believes that how audio sounds shouldn’t be technologically perfect, but perfect in the sense that it is as the artist intended it to be. We know Steve Jobs preferred the high fidelity only vinyl provides. An overall better listening experience, as the album is precisely as the artist intended – defects and all.


Iovine has some good thoughts (and some not so great expectations on user privacy etc), on how music should be curated. Shuffle has done the job so far but knowing precisely what you want next or what makes the most sense to play next will make for a more personal experience. From what I’ve heard, Beats Music has nailed playlist curation.

“Kids” at the forefront of marketing

Listening to Iovine talking about the YouTube generation is interesting. He understands that the younger generation – if motivated enough – will find the most innovative ways of marketing themselves.

Iovine seems to get it.

It’s an insightful interview and a recommended listen. If this acquisition goes ahead it could bring about a shift in the music industry and Apple’s music offering. Even if Beats as a whole doesn’t seem right for Apple, Iovine alone seems like a good fit for the company.

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