I’ve been a bit slack recently, put it down to lack of motivation, time, and confidence. I’m hoping this change will be the start of something a bit more consistent.

What’s Changed

Well, the domain name for one but this isn’t unusual for me. This is close to my third domain for my personal blog in as many years – I tend to over think things. This time I’ve committed to three years with it, thus giving me less to overthink and change. This one is sticking around.

I’m now hosting via jumpstarter.io, again my third hosting service in as many years. Whilst I’ve never had any serious issues with hosting I got sick of having to manage my hosting, or not being able to start up a new project with out having to pay for more. Jumpstarter changes things. I can now create as many projects as I like with a single click and I can easily scale it up depending on my needs – no fuss no muss.

Naturally, I couldn’t change the domain name and hosting with out freshening up the look of the place. I’ve opted to bastardise a theme called Bigfoot from tbh, it’s free and offers a lot of personalisation and default page types. However I’ve made a few tweaks to optimise the reading experience: Font-Size, line-length, content layout and a few extra tweaks to the responsive views. I’m pleased with the result so far, hope you like it too.

All that I’ve discussed above is nothing without content. I have struggled with creating content over the past few months, but that’s about to change. This is mostly an exercise in overcoming confidence issues, I need to trust my opinions and myself a lot more: less thinking more doing. I’m going be opening myself up to talking about more things – it’s about to get personal. This will hopefully freshen things up and get me out of the rut of just writing every time Apple holds an event. I’m also hoping to start up a few projects which will be held here, who knows what guise they’ll take. All of my previous posts can be found here.


Make yourself at home, get comfy and grab a cup of tea, I’m hoping to see you around here more than ever: time to get out of my head and start something.

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