Everyday’s a school day as they say, so here are some of the things I’ve learnt this week.

I’m not the only one who has had to rethink their iPhone home screen strategy for the iPhone 5 via @Foomandoonian.

Half and half is a South Walian thing via @CardiffBites.

You can add Apples’ Tuesday event to passbook¬†from @Jasonsandmeyer via @Totalkharnage.

AirPlay is finally getting some attention via @Tuaw.

Twitters’ API changes suck for users and developers. But in the end good software is worth the price tag.

Two ‘Alternatives’ to Twitter (Pheed and Tent).

Paranormal Activity is getting stale (but that won’t stop them milking it).

Bad things happen in October.

I haven’t forgotten my password for thisisbenjam.in. Yet.

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