Spring is here and that means another month of movie picks. This month we have the party move slated to redefine the genre, a new alternate world Sci Fi from Disney and the next big book to screen hit.

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March 2nd – 8th

Not the greatest week for releases, mediocre rom-coms in the form of This means war and Wanderlust, a German drama focused on five months in the life of pedophile (Michael) and the Party movie set to define the genre (Project X).
  • This means war
  • Wanderlust
  • Michael
  • Project x

March 9th – 15th

The second week of March proves to be an improvement in the form of Action, thrills and romantic dramas. Despite not being sure on the trailer, my choice for the week is John Carter. It’s had some good reviews and the CGI looks pretty impressive!
  • John Carter of Mars
  • The Raven
  • Bel ami

March 16th – 22nd

Horror, dramedy, remakes and drug lords this week. My pick is We bought a Zoo (i’m yet to read the book), mostly because it’s based on true story in england. But also because it actually looks decent from the trailer.
  • The Devil inside
  • We bought a zoo
  • Contraband
  • 21 jump street

March 23rd – 29th

Ah week three of March. probably my most anticipated of the year. I’ve finally gotten around to reading the first two books in the Hunger Games trilogy, they’re great check them out! In turn, the prospect of the movie is very exciting, looking forward to seeing how it’s handled.

  • The Hunger Games
  • Act of Valour
  • The Kid with a bike
  • The Pirates! In an adventure with scientists

March 30th

Just two choice this week, and as I never saw Clash of the Titans (it looked awful), I’ll be taking the same stance with the sequel. And yet, I can’t say that Gone has really piqued my interest, It has an interesting premise, yet I can’t shake the feeling that it’s going to be cliched and predictable.

  • Gone
  • Wrath of the titans

 What are you looking forward to this month?

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