I’ve been looking for the perfect Mac twitter app for a while now, for the time being Twitterrific has been my everyday choice for a few months now, but I’m still looking for something similar to Tweetbot. Osfoora has been making iOS Twitter apps  since 2009 with the release of TwitterView, since then they’ve released Osfoora for iPhone, Osfoora HD for iPad and finally Osfoora for Mac. 

I have been hoping  Osfoora for Mac would be the Twitter App i’ve been waiting for, I’ve used their iOS apps and found them to be great but just missing some of the sparkle and features that Tweetbot offers.

“Osfoora is a powerful Twitter client with a clean and intuitive user interface.”

So what does Osfoora offer? If you’ve used Twitterrific then you’ll be somewhat familiar with the UI;  a sidebar and main timeline window. It looks great, slick and clean. There’s one thing that really bugs me about the look; I can’t position the window how i’d like it. The smallest window size is still too wide for me to comfortably fit Safari next to it and still view my timeline.

Unlike Twitterrific, Osfoora offers a pop out window for new tweets, it’s not something I’m keen on but it works, if you’ve used the Official Twitter for Mac app then you’ll feel at home with this set up. One thing that bugged me with creating new tweets: Osfoora does not support dragging and dropping images to the new Tweet window; you’re forced to use the image select window.

Something which is a must for me is Tweet Marker integration. Tweetmarker syncs my timeline across all my devices, so I no longer have to scroll to find the last tweet i read on my iPhone. Tweet marker automatically scrolls to the right place. Thankfully Osfoora supports this service and form what I’ve seen it works as well as any other app.

Osfoora supports a good list of bookmarking image and video services, Including: Instapaper, Read it later, Yfrog, TwitPic, Twitter, CloudApp, and Imgly. However, the URL shortening services are lacking, currently supporting only CloudApp and Twitter.

Similar to the Official Twitter app, Osfoora serves image tumbnails in your timeline. This is something which Twitterrific is lacking. It’s offers a much better experience as you can directly see if an image is of interest to you. If inline images isn’t your thing, there’s the option to turn them off in the preferences.

Although the app looks clean and easy to use, the user experience needs some work. When your hover your cursor over a tweet, two icons appear, favourite and reply. Clicking on reply immediately opens up a window for your reply. If you have multiple user to reply to, clicking the reply button will only set up a reply to the person tweeting, and not everyone mentioned. For more options you must use the context menu (two finger/right click). I personally prefer the way Twitteriffic handles reply options. Similarly there’s no one click retweet, you have to use the context menu. These are only small issues, which are more related to my habit, i’m sure with more use I could get used to them.

Although Osfoora is a solid app, I just can’t commit to using it everyday. I get frustrated by the lack of a retweet button, and the cumbersome reply options. The only redeeming feature, which might make me crawl back, is the inline images, these are great for quickly scanning your timeline and picking images to look at.

Hopefully, Osfoora will bring an update to right the wrongs and improve on a solid twitter app.

Osfoora is £2.99 and available on the Mac app Store.



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