The internet is a wonderful place, I find something new almost every hour of the day. So I figured I’d share my 5 favourite things I’ve found this week:

This trailer:

And it looks exactly like it should: a new movie from Wes Anderson; full of dry wit, washed out visuals and Bill Murray. Moonrise Kingdom tells the story of two kids who run away from home and the efforts of their families and the townspeople to track them down.


This tweet:

In response to David Cameron’s comment that the British film industry should support more “commercially successful pictures”.  I’m looking forward to having a good read of the governemnts film policy on Monday…


The Restart Page:

The Restart Page

How can you not love this idea?! A tribute to the most significant operating systems that has been part of our geek lives.


This image set:

Shaun of the Dead

One of my favourite movies of all time… Now in Lego!


This redesign: 

Clean, simple, and easy to use. A much overdue redesign.


So that was my week. What have you found this week?

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