UK Cinema Releases 03/10/11

Midnight in Paris, Don't be afraid of the Dark and The Lion King 3D

Another busy week for UK Cinema releases this week and I’m still desperately trying to catch up with the past two weeks! Lets cut to the chase.


Johnny English Reborn

Rowan Atkinson slips back in to one of his weakest characters in this unexpected sequel. Unexpected because the first Johnny English was just not good, although spy spoofs have come and gone over the years English is the first to take the mickey out of the current spy era (think modern Bond and Bourne) and it failed. I don’t have high hopes for this sequel – probably ideal for Atkinson fans only.

From IMDB:
“Johnny English goes up against international assassins hunting down the Chinese premier.”

I’ll give this one a miss.


Midnight in Paris

Woody Allen is back with another romantic comedy, set in, one of my favourite cities: Paris. He has an amazing ability to make locations as much a character as the actors. For me, Woody Allen is one of the most prolific writer/directors of our time, creating almost a movie a year for the past 40 years!

With talent such as Owen Wilson (I liked his deadpan comedy in The Darjeeling Limited), Rachel McAdams and Kathy Bates, I am prepared to love this movie.

From IMDB:

“A romantic comedy about a family traveling to the French capital for business. The party includes a young engaged couple forced to confront the illusion that a life different from their own is better.”

Just look at the poster, a nice little play on Van Goughs Starry Night. A must see for me!


Perfect Sense

This has only just fallen on to my radar, I gave the trailer a watch and liked what I saw.

From IMDB:

”A chef and a scientist fall in love as an epidemic begins to rob people of their sensory perceptions.”

With a solid cast including, Ewan McGregor and Eva Green I might give this a watch.


Don’t be afraid of the Dark

This is a title i’ve heard a lot about. It was first shown at Comic Con 2010 where it received  high praise and recommendations. Written by Guillemo Del Toro (Pans Labyrinth) who chose Troy Nixey to direct the film after seeing Nixey’ short film: Latchkey’s Lament. Don’t be afraid of the Dark is essentially a remake of a made for TV movie of the same name, except the protagonist is a child this time around.

From IMDB:

“A young girl sent to live with her father and his new girlfriend discovers creatures in her new home who want to claim her as one of their own.”

Looking forward to see what Del Toro and Nixey has install for us, but the below par reviews may have dampened my enthusiasm.


The Lion King

Yup, we have another re-release, but this time it’s worth it. Lion King returns to the big screen and in 3D no less. This is possibly my favourite (not including Pixar) Disney movie, and the chance to watch it again in the cinema is too good to pass. The movie has done incredibly well over seas (topping the box office for the past 3 weeks) that Disney have extended the theatrical re-release.

From IMDB:

“Tricked into thinking he killed his father, a guilt ridden lion cub flees into exile and abandons his identity as the future King.”

It’s a no brainer, even the 3D hasn’t put me off!


That’s it for this week, Excuse me while I try and catch up with all the releases the past three weeks!


What will you be seeing next week?

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