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Something that I’ve wanted to do for a while! Here’s your chance to check out My iPhone Home screen and favourite apps.

Most people own a smartphone these days and with a smartphone comes apps. On my iPhone, I tend to stick my most used apps on the first home screen, find out what these are after the jump!

Stock Calendar App

I’ve kept this on the home screen simply because I can quickly glance at my phone when I forget the date (which is ashamedly quite often). I do use it occasionally for adding dates and meetings.

I like to have quick access to my photos, especially if I want to share them through Twitter or Facebook.

Again quick access to the stock camera app, although I have 5+ alternative apps on my phone the stock app has never let me down.

Fantastic app for quick video capture, perfect for capturing those important memories.

My local cinema is a Cineworld, I’ve found that this app is the only one I can trust for times!

My Home Screen

What movie fan would I be without this app?! It’s on my home screen because I always seem to need at least once a day.

YouTube Web App
Much better than the stock YouTube app.

My preferred RSS reader, It’s beautiful interface, ease of use and support for many different services makes it pretty much unbeatable!

We all need to access our emails, works well and does what I want it to do.

Pretty much a staple for anyone interested in snooping on other people.

Not the biggest fan of location sharing but I need to keep my Mayor status at my local cinema… Follow me: Nonentity

One thing that annoys me with iOS is how difficult it can be to access Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 3G settings.

Great for writing and formatting blog posts on the move.

For that “Who sings this” moment.

Only recently made it onto my first home screen. Extremely addictive once you get into it! My username is: Nonentity.

Pretty self explanatory

Need to keep in touch with friends and Family (although Twitter & Facebook are taking over!)

I’ve tried many other iPhone browsers including iCab Mobile and Mercury but Safari always does it better!

Probably my least used app…

My Favourite Social Network and my Favourite Twitter app! It’s beautiful, easy to use and connects to many different services! Follow me: Nonentity

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